richard butler
The beauty, history and music of Northumberland and the Scottish Borders are the inspiration for the popular and multi-talented Border Minstrels. Richard, Jan and Tom came together in 1986 to merge their individual talents and skills to a degree that has seen a renaissance of the region's idiosyncratic tunes, songs and ballads..

Richard Butler. Piper to His Grace the Duke of Northumberland, and one of the regions' finest Northumbrian Pipers.

Jan Bennett is one of Britain's leading exponents of the art of self-accompanied singing and playing of the Clarsach. Janet also plays the Concert Harp and has performed with the Northern Sinfonia.

Tom Waugh, one of the region's best loved fiddle players as well as composer of many great tunes and songs that reflect his love for the region.

Listen to the Border Minstrels who have enchanted audiences with their unique combination of talents and instruments to a professional standard of the highest standard.

Northumbrian Small Pipes Photo
Northumbrian Pipes Richard Butler and Jan Bennet clarsach

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