Reflections was Richard's first solo recording featuring a selection of tunes played on the Northumbrian Pipes.

Side 1

  • Salmon Tails up the Water, Johnny Armstrong, The Redesdale Hornpipe, The Glen Aln Hornpipe (W. Atkinson).
  • The Breamish, Reflections - Memories - (Tom Clough), Nancy (Tom Clough. arr. Butler), The Fair Flower of Northumberland.
  • Part of the Andante from "Mozarts Sonata in C" (arr. Butler).
  • Oh Dear! What can the Matter be? ( Var. by Tom Clough. arr. Butler).
  • Saddle the Pony, The Mason's Apron (Trad. arr. Butler).

Side 2

  • Keep yor Feet Still Geordy Hinny (Var. by Tom Clough. arr. Forster Charlton).
  • Lord Huntley's Cave (J. Scott Skinner. arr. Butler), The Heroes of Glencoe, The Barren Rocks of Aden (Pipe Major A. McKellar of the 78th Highlanders. arr. Butler).
  • Cumha Na H'oige (Patrick mor MacCrimmon. arr. Dvorak). Theme from Dvorak's "New World Symphony").
  • Bushes and Briars, When That I Was, The Gobby-O, Cuckold come out of the Amrey.
  • Water of Tyne, The Lads of the North Tyne, The Merry Blacksmith.
  • Rothbury Hills (Jack Armstrong), Bill Charlton's Fancy (Billy Pigg. arr. Butler).
Listen to Echoes from the Hills
• Bonny at Morn

• Water of Tyne

• Whittingham Green Lane, Jimmy Allen and De'il Amang the Taylors

Echoes From The Hills
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Echoes From the Hills, the first recording of The Border Minstrels.

Side 1

  • Whittingham Green Lane, Jimmy Allen and De'il Amang the Tailors.
  • Dance Ti Thy Daddy (arr. J. Bennett).
  • Lonely Osric (T. Waugh).
  • Ma Bonny Lad.
  • Swindon (A. Dagg), Herd on the Hill (T. Clough arr. R. Butler.) and The Hesleyside Reel (T. Elliott arr. R. Butler).
  • The Summer of Last Year (E. Boswell).
  • Memories of Wallington (R. Butler).

Side 2

  • Mayflies of Callaly (T. Waugh).
  • The Water of Tyne (arr. J. Bennett).
  • The Banks of Allen Water and Border Fray.
  • Alloa House.
  • Cracgh Lacigh Nam Bodah (Arr. A. MacDearmid).
  • Bonny at Morn (Arr. E. Boswell).
  • Fairly Shot on Her and Cuckold Come out of the Amrey.
  • Northumberland (T. Waugh) and But it's Mine (E. Boswell).

Leading on from the success of their first recording The Border Minstrels produced From Hills to Shore, featuring a number of their pieces that have delighted audiences.

Side 1

  • Loch Leven Castle and The Swallow's Tail Reel.
  • I Will Marry a Boy from the Northland (E. Boswell)
  • The Rowan Tree and Salmon Tails up the Water.
  • Oh! The Oak and the Ash and I have a Wife of my Own.
  • The Wild Hills O'Wannies.
  • Da Auld Resting Chair. (T. Anderson) and South Shore (J. Hill)
  • Beautiful Lindisfarne (T. Waugh)
  • Carefree Craster (J. Bennett)
  • Sir John Fenwick the Flower Amang them All and The Last of the Twins.

Side 2

  • Bobby Shaftoe.
  • Sweet Hesleyside and Drops of Brandy.
  • North of the Tyne. (E. Boswell)
  • The Golden Eagle Hornpipe (J. Hill) and the Northumbrian Fiddler. (T. Waugh).
  • Whittingham Fair and Jumping Puddles (S. Morgan).
  • On the Way to Wallington (J. Bennett)
  • The Skye Boat Song.
  • Peacock Followed the Hen, The Tenpenny Bit and Small Coals and Little Money.
  • My Border Home (T. Waugh)