A Basic Tutor for the Northumbrian Small Pipes
The tutor covers all aspects of playing the pipes from putting on the pipes to tuning the drones. Carefully selected exercises and tunes guide the beginner through the various stages of the blowing, tuning and playing the chanter.

There are also sections on:

Routine Care and Maintenance, Notes on Playing the Selected Pieces, Musical Notation, The Pitch of the Pipes, Drone Harmony, Changing Key and Drone Settings and Grace Notes.

Handbook for the Northumbrian Pipes
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Anybody who plays the pipes will realise that maintaining the instrument is a vital part of playing. It writing the handbook, Richard has used is first hand knowledge of the commonly asked questions and frequently occurring problems facing all pipers.

- Do I need to season the bag?

- How do you make a pad airtight?

- How do a stop a note "squeaking"?

- and so on, the list could be endless.

The list is virtually endless. To answer these and many other questions Richard discusses what he considers to be commonly occurring problems and provides a suggested a corrective action with which he has had continuing success.

There are sections on all aspects of maintenance including;

Bag, Bellows, Stocks, Chanter, Keys, Drones, Chanter, Drone & Chanter Reed Setting, Tuning the Chanter and a Glossary of Terms in English, German and French.

The book is well illustrated. 58 pages. A4.