richard butler
Richard Butler, The Duke of Northumberland's Piper, is an internationally renown Northumbrian Piper who has produced a number of solo and accompanied recordings and has written a basic tutor and an in-depth maintenance manual for the pipes.

He has been playing the Northumbrian Pipes for over 50 years during which time he has performed in numerous concerts, on TV and radio and organised a wide variety of Northumbrian Music events and functions. He is also an experienced tutor, having run numerous courses for all levels of playing in England, Germany and the USA, and lectured extensively about the pipes and Northumbrian Music in general.

Northumbrian Pipes - richard butler

Richard playing at the Gooike Music Festival, Belgium with Jean-Pierre Van Hees (Mussette) and Ronan Browne (Irish Pipes).

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Richard has been the Duke of Northumberland's Piper for 30 years. During this time he has played for Her Majesty the Queen, the King of Spain, at the 10th Duke's Memorial Service in Westminster Abbey and at numerous private and public functions.

Northumbrian Pipes - Richard Butler the Dukes' Piper and the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland

Duke and Duchess of Northumberd presenting Richard Butler in 2007 with a silver plate marking 25 years of Richard's appointment as Piper to the Duke of Northumberland

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Richard also performed at STING's private birthday party and performed the music of ALAN BUSH (Northumbrian Impressions) at his 80th Birthday concert in the WIDMORE HALL, London. Furthermore JOHN CASKEN (Pipers' Lynn ) and ROBERT (Bob) JEFFREY (Rainbow suite) have written specific suites for Richard both of which were performed by Richard at concerts throughout the UK.

Richard teamed up with Jan Bennett (Clarsach and Voice) and Tommy Waugh (Fiddle and Bass) to form the Border Minstrels, thereby, merging their individual talents and skills to a degree that has seen a renaissance of the region's idiosyncratic tunes, songs and ballads.

As well as performing as the Border Minstrels, Richard has performed at concerts and functions with Jan Bennett, to produce a unique combination of
Northumbrian Pipes, Clarsach and Voice.